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The Disquiet in Men

Working with men as they engage the disquiet in their lives

What to do

So what do you do about this Disquiet?

I have found the key to this is not to avoid the Disquiet, rather to engage it directly.   That may surprise you, but it’s true!  Here are some steps to begin with:

1. Your Disquiet has something to tell you, an inherent wisdom.  Exploring it skillfully will open up a new and productive terrain.  Then, you build a new map and compass to help you set a new course.

2. Once you have a course set, you get into action. You don’t wait until it’s all figured out. That never happens. Not any action, but action that lines up from your head, heart and gut.

3. Honor who you are.  You are different from everyone else.  You have unique gifts, experiences and perspectives.  You will have your own way of doing things. That is your gift.

4. Realize you are already successful.  Wherever you are, you got there through hard work and a commitment to doing the best you can.  Respect that about yourself.

5. Know that you have a source for your strength and talents.  You and I will make sure you are connected to your own source so that you are self contained and sustainable.

You are not alone. None of us are. These steps are designed to help you. If you can apply them, you will notice a new quiet that tells you: You are living fully and well.

This is territory that is hard to cover alone. You need a guide.


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