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The Disquiet in Men

Working with men as they engage the disquiet in their lives

Group Coaching

Are you a member of a men’s group or on a team that isn’t working well?

Is any of this happening?

  • Your group seems to get bogged down over the most trivial things.
  • We seem to be going nowhere fast.
  • It was once exciting and fun to be on the team, but now you find excuses not to show up.
  • Some days, you just want to quit.
  • Your group is dying a slow death and none of you even knows why.

Usually, how a group is performing is a direct reflection of what is going on for its members. Ever notice how the things that are the toughest to talk about in a group simply aren’t - talked about….at all?!?

Things like relationships, feeling accepted, being heard, being supported and valued, all become like dead smelly elephants in the room – everyone knows its there but no one is touching it.

It’s tempting just to keep ignoring it. If that one guy who’s the real problem will just quit, we’ll be OK. And what happens? It gets smellier and messier. Tempers flare, alliances form and the team or group stops functioning. Maybe that guy leaves, but the problems continue almost like ghost is in the room haunting the team.

I can help. I can get the dead elephant up on the table and work with the group in ways that everyone feels heard and gets what they need. The group then learns how to work their stuff and become not only functional but operates at levels you never thought possible.

So if you have a sports team, men’s group or team at work in trouble, contact me.