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The Disquiet in Men

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It’s hard to find a helpful book on your own. You may rely on recommendations by friends for good resources for your golf swing, your car and how to re-finish furniture.  But what about for your life?  It’s not exactly like your racquetball partner has been reading about his Disquiet!

Rest easy, I can help.  I have carefully accumulated a personal collection as well as knowing what’s good out there.   

I will share my resources here with brief descriptions.  You can click the image and go straight to Amazon. 

Happy browsing.



Path of Least Resistance
by Robert Fritz.

I love the process for creativity and engaging change in this book. I wrote about it in this article. I have used the concepts from this book in most of my work with clients both in coaching around the Disquiet as well as in working with executives to be more effective as leaders. I highly recommend it.

 Dark Nights of the Soul

Dark Nights of the Soul
by Thomas Moore

I posted an article about this book (click here). Until mine is written (early next year), I highly recommend this book for understanding and working with the Disquiet.



The Father Factor
by Stephan Poulter

I posted an article about this book (click here).  This helps with your exploration about why and how you may behave in certain ways at work.  Apparently we pick up a lot of the leadership and management styles of our dads.


Don’t Retire - REWIRE!
by Jeri Sedlar, Rick Miners

This is a great take on the growing trend of people who are not wanting to retire from working.  We are living longer and less able to afford not to work. 

A lot of the Disquiet is related to men’s sense of being successful in work. 


Where Men Hide
by James B. Twitchell, Ken Ross (Photographer)

I love this book! This book inspired the article I wrote titled, "Man Space".  In my work with helping men navigate the disquiet in their lives, this book has become a cornerstone. It highlights what is missing for so many men is the place to gather and in that gathering find support, comradery and knowledge.

This is a must read for women who want to understand the unique hard-wiring in us and our need to these places.


Fire In The Belly
by Sam Keen
A classic must-read

"The new male that Keen envisions is neither devoted careerist nor self-absorbed New Age guy nor cool, detached "post-modern man." He is husbandman and steward of the earth–strong, vulnerable, with a capacity for moral outrage, empathy and wonder–whose right livelihood is consonant with ecological awareness."


Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High (Paperback)
by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzer

This is the best resource for how to have challenging conversations.  I have used this book with many clients for years.  It is an excellent process that works in the most challenging situations.


Real Boys
Rescuing our sons from the myths of boyhood

William Pollack of Harvard Medical School has researched what he calls this generation's "silent crisis":  why so many boys are sad, lonely and confused although they may appear tough, cheerful and confident.

This is a must read for any parent of boys.


The Road Less Traveled
M. Scott Peck

A reliable resource!!
This edition has been updated.  It has been helpful for many men as they try to chart their course for a
meaningful life.